Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Daily Painting Habit: Day 20 of 21 - Charcoal Portrait Sketch

Austin with Shouldice
So, I am back, finally. Despite my lack of posting, I have been producing some work, including a lot of preparatory stuff for some large pieces I am planning.

Over the past few months, life has gotten in the way of art a bit. I have been dealing with a few ongoing health challenges that have prevented me from doing as much as I would have liked. I might write more about that at another time, or maybe not - we are all dealing with one thing or another and I don't want to be a bore.

For now, here is my latest work of art, a charcoal sketch. Charcoal is a rather messy medium and not for those who want a lot of control but it is also fun and easy to manipulate for a painterly, massed in type of drawing.

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