Commission a Portrait - FAQ

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What’s the best age to have my child’s portrait commissioned?
I paint subjects of any age!
How much do you charge?
The cost to create a portrait is per person, plus canvas size and how much of the body is shown. Patrons may choose from options starting at $2,500 for a full-color oil painting. Options at lesser cost include drawings and oil sketches from life.
How long will it take to complete the portrait?
I work on many paintings that need time to dry between sessions, so need up to one year to complete the painting.
Can you paint from one of my photos?
No, it is necessary for me to take reference photos in order to obtain the best artistic results. Photos can be taken at your home, my studio or another location of your choice.
How do you decide on the background?
I will recommend what I think will work best, but we decide together on the desired background, including any extra costs for landscape, pets or other details that will require more time to execute.
I was thinking about waiting until my child is a little older. Can I just call you then?
Yes, however, I accept only a limited number of commissions each year.
What happens if I don’t like the portrait when it’s finished?
This is a problem I have never had to address as my clients have all loved their paintings but rest assured that your satisfaction and the quality of the work is my highest priority.

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