Saturday, September 10, 2016

Daily Painting Habit Challenge - Day 1 of 21 - Pink Rose

6 x 6 Inches - Oil on Canvas - Glowy Pink Rose

Artist and marketing whiz, Leslie Saeta, holds a 30-day painting challenge two times every year. She also sells her art, teaches workshops, conducts online courses and has a podcast called "Artists Helping Artists". Interestingly, we were born on the exact same day and I think she got all the extra energy and ambition I was supposed to receive. Leslie is a dynamo and so inspiring in her ability to juggle so many things and get stuff done!

Since I was unable to start on schedule, and it is generally thought that it takes 21 days to create a habit, I have decided to embark on a 21-day painting challenge starting today. I tend to paint intensively, in spurts, and when I am able to immerse myself in creating art I usually work on a lot of things at once. It is harder for me to keep up a strict, daily painting habit, since it often seems that I do not have a large enough block of time to get much done. Then, there is all the cleanup required, scraping palettes, storing paint and my most dreaded task - brush washing.

This inaugural painting for my 21-Day Painting Challenge is a close view of a glowy pink rose. I enjoyed using transparent oils as my first layer and added the more opaque layers on top. The paintings I do for this challenge will be available for sale at a special price for a limited time so if you see something you like grab it while you can!

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