Monday, June 13, 2016

Easy Instant Picture Wall for Paintings

I wanted to share an easy way to create an instant picture wall. I purchased these painted white shelves from Ikea.

I had to put my shelves over to the right (rather than centred on the wall) so that my shutter was still functional.

I am sure that this would be an easy project for someone handy and very inexpensive too! You would need to buy, then prime and paint some wood strips. Each shelf would use 3 - 48" (or whatever size you wish!) pieces of wood:  a 2" x 1/2" piece for the back which is screwed into the wall, a 4" x 1/2" piece that forms the base and a 1" x 1/2" for the front ledge. After everything is painted, glue/nail the pieces together and attach them to the wall with plugs and screws. 

Unfortunately, I am better at coming up with ideas for these sorts of projects than I am at actually completing them, so for me it was worth the $15 each to just purchase the shelves.


Gayle said...

Oh I love those shelves - sort of a mini art gallery at home. Thanks for this great suggestion.

Laurel Alanna McBrine said...

Thanks for your comment, Gayle! If I were handy, I would make them myself about 8 feet long and would put them up in more areas of my house as they are very convenient! They would work for books and toys in a kid's room too!