Saturday, July 12, 2014

Attention Fine Art Painters - Two Free Painting Books to Download!

First wife of John Collier, Marian Huxley, also a painter
This evening I stumbled upon an interesting article while doing a little aimless internet searching. I don't know why I was not already subscribed to the blog I will share with you now, entitled "Studio Rousar". The name of the blogger is vaguely familiar, but I can't think from where at the moment. Anyhow, I am now signed up, as it does seem like great information.

Posted in this article is a link for two books you can download absolutely free. The books are both written by a fantastic painter of the past, John Collier. John Collier was an Englishman who painted in a Pre-Raphaelite style. He was a leading portraitist of his generation.

Check out an article about Collier and his sight-size method, posted by Darren Rousar, with some samples of Collier's work here. Collier really knew what he was doing so having these books will be a valuable resource for any realist painter.

Download A Manual of Oil Painting and The Art of Portrait Painting

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