Sunday, May 04, 2014

Portrait Society of America "The Art of the Portrait" 2014 Conference - April 27 highlights

Demo by Robert Liberace and Rose Frantzen on big screen
The final day of the conference, there was a panel discussion with a number of distinguished painters, including Wende Caporale (who acted as moderator), Daniel Greene, Burton Silverman, Everett Raymond Kinstler, Rhoda Sherbell and Mary Whyte.

I especially enjoyed Daniel Greene's account of dealing with clients and Wende's comment that she had never heard him speak so much (after she, unfortunately, had to cut him off in order to get to the next speaker). It was also a lot of fun to hear Mr. Kinstler talk about his experience working with Katharine Hepburn (hint: she drove him crazy!) and how things worked out in the end!

I love the stance Rose takes when painting, very assertive!

The final demo was by Rose Frantzen and Robert Liberace, both amazing painters. James Gurney was also busy to the right of the stage, capturing the artists as they worked!

A few painting notes:
  • Rose said that she wants to try all the ways to back the cake so is open to many ways of painting.
  • Robert used the handle of his brush to scratch out details like the eyebrow hairs, which I thought was a nifty trick.

The Start

On a final note, the conference next year is going to be in Atlanta from April 30 - May 3, 2015! I would strongly encourage any figurative or portrait artists out there to make plans to attend and get inspired!

James Gurney
Model checking himself out

Rose's materials
James Gurney capturing the action
The materials of James Gurney set up at the edge of the stage.
You can see the flyer for Rose's book also.

Oil Painting by Rose Frantzen
near completion (detail)

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