Friday, May 06, 2011

Plein Air Today Published My Photo From Bugaboo Trip!

Not this photo - this is a shot of me on our last day out in the helicopter, at Cobalt Lake. The published photo (found here, among other photos of plein air painters going to extremes) shows our helicopter perched beside a mountain top lake, waiting for us to finish our plein air paintings.

If you dropped by because you were looking for more photos of the trip, go to my other painting site and scroll back a bit!

I was painting in the wind, the snow, the sleet and the rain while struggling with an umbrella with one hand and holding my brush (and occasionally trying to keep my tripod holding my painting setup from blowing over) with the other hand but I loved every minute - what an adventure!

For fellow artists, I also have a blog with information for painters, so check it out!


Fawzan Barrage said...

that is so cool congrats! Let the folks on OPAS know please ;)

Laurel Alanna McBrine said...

Thanks, Zan. I will post a link on the website.