Monday, June 16, 2008

Study from Life

I am going to be doing a rather large painting of this gorgeous young woman with her lap dog, Lucy.

I did a head study in about 2 hours in a south facing room.  The light was changing constantly and at about the one hour mark, the skies darkened and there was not only a thunder storm, but it HAILED as well.  I couldn't even see my paints since it became so dark in the room!  The result is not as wonderful as it might have been - I can see all kinds of mistakes, but for such a short time and using color rather than a monochrome sketch, it is not too bad - a fairly good start and it was great to have the time to stare at my subject and take in some impressions I can use later.  

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Kim said...

hello Laurel...
your portraits are absolutely superb !!!!
I have added your 3 blogs to new listings and they will be included in the next update of the list at the end of this month...
happy painting :)