Monday, May 12, 2008

Portrait Society of America Conference 2008 - Philadelphia!

Dawn Whitelaw painting her Thursday evening demonstration. Dawn uses a only three colors and achieves gorgeous results. For more information about her method of painting, read my article about her portrait workshop at

I liked this bouquet of flowers in the lobby of the hotel.

Detail of the finished piece painted by Burton Silverman.

A split screen image during the demo by Burton Silverman.

Michael Shane Neal presenting information about portrait commissions from start to finish.

This photograph graphically illustrates a few facts:

1. I need a lens with a wider angle to photograph buildings;
2. Philadelphia is a city with gorgeous architecture;
3. Although photographs can be useful as a reference when painting, one should never, ever copy a photograph verbatim. I spot this kind of photographic distortion in paintings all the time now.

Back to the conference - in addition to all the information and suggestions from the platform, it was wonderful to be able to talk shop and share information and ideas with other people who share your obsession with art.

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