Monday, August 06, 2007

It is possible to get young children to pose.  What you don't see in the photograph is the television behind me playing "My Fair Lady".  Depending on the taste of the child, it could be "Barney" or "Shrek" or something else, as long as it doesn't drive you, the painter, crazy. 

I started this painting many months ago.  It was based on a photo session back in March, so AJ's looks have changed somewhat (his face has lengthened and slimmed quite a bit) and I see lots of changes I need to make in the painting.  Painting really is just a series of corrections.  You try to just get something down, rather than freeze up in fear of getting it wrong, and then change what you don't like until you hopefully have what you set out to accomplish.  

AJ took breaks and I did not require him to hold completely still, since I was looking at him mainly for information about color and value.  

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